My name is Kate Nordin and I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. 

I came to experience the power of nutrition over 10 years ago after many years of working in corporate London and believing that I was living a balanced life and eating well.  However, I was experiencing low energy, poor sleep, tremors, and heart palpitations, asthma, psoriasis, rashes, reoccurring infections, debilitating, and stomach aches all contributing to progressively worsening health which increasingly limited my enjoyment of life. The mainstream medical care system was unable to help, aside from increasing my Asthma medications to the maximum dosage, continuously testing me for various disease states, and prescribing a myriad of other pharmaceutical medicines. It was only when my Physiotherapist recommended me to a Naturopathic Doctor, and I consequently made a complete overhaul of my diet, did my health, vitality, energy, and life return.

Inspiring my clients to take control of their own wellbeing, through easy to follow personalised and achievable advice, is my passion.  I truly believe everyone has the ability to enhance their own health and feel energised through conscious dietary and lifestyle choices.

Whether you wish to have step-by-step support on a weekly or daily basis or want a rigorous framework to change your diet and lifestyle, I work in a flexible manner to help you achieve your goals and support your journey from current health through to optimal wellness.

If you’d like to know more and find out whether nutritional therapy is for you, I offer a 20-minute free discovery call to help you get to know me better and understand how I can help you individually.


What my clients say

”After the birth of my second child, I found that keeping up with everything meant I had very little time to think about my own diet. I was extremely tired and wasn’t able to get back on track with my overall health. 

When my son was six months old I met with Kate to look into my metabolism, diet intake, and lifestyle and come up with nutrition solutions to help me bounce back. Kate’s knowledge was extensive and her approach supportive. She also carefully took into account my nutrition needs for breastfeeding.

The meal plans and simple changes in diets that she proposed were so easy to implement. These changes have radically helped me to increase my energy, overall health, and correct nutrition mistakes that I had unwittingly been making for years. And as a bonus, I have lost weight. 5kg and counting. Thanks, Kate!” – Maya R, Stockholm


“I met Kate a couple of years ago to get advice about my digestive health after having struggled for many months. I had seen lots of doctors, was diagnosed with IBS and given some pretty general advice that didn’t help at all. With Kate I immediately felt heard and supported and actually started to believe that I can feel better.

I loved her holistic approach: Kate really strives to support all the body systems and try to figure out the cause of imbalances instead of just treating random symptoms. With the help of dietary changes and supplements based on natural ingredients we succeeded to significantly improve my symptoms. I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone struggling with digestive problems disrupting their everyday lives” – Maria U, Stockholm


Be a better you…

I believe that everyone can enhance their own health, vitality, and energy to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

Through easy to follow nutritional guidance and simple lifestyle alterations you too can optimise your wellness.

I offer bespoke nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals for wellness and optimal health.

Personalised Programs

After providing you with personalised health recommendations, I like to work with you over a period of time to help you implement the changes in a practical, step by step, fashion.  In my experience, this is critical to success – both short and long term.  I will support you in working out how to make the changes simply and easily.  Before we start, we’ll discuss what level of support is most appropriate for you.

I work with a wide variety of conditions and have helped clients with the long term digestive health issues such as IBS and Crohn’s, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and with  various auto-immune conditions.  If you feel you are struggling with symptoms such as digestive discomfort, fatigue, headaches, weight gain/loss and irritability, I can guide you toward feeling pain-free, energised and balanced again.



Appointments in central Stockholm and over Skype.

Booking enquiries via
Phone +46 (0) 7677 66602
E-mail kate@nordinnutrition.com

Nordin Nutrition is a registered company (enskild firma) in Sweden and is approved for F-skatt (VAT).

Note! Consultations are held in English


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