Intolerance Testing

The Lorisian Food Intolerance tests use the ELISA (enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay) method to detect circulating antibodies, which recognise and bind to purified food antigens. The ELISA method is used extensively in immunology and biochemistry. This technique has been shown to be highly reliable (95% – 97% reproducible) in detecting a variety of antibodies and antigens of clinical importance.

Overseen by a medical director, their food specific IgG method has had more scientific papers published about its performance than any other intolerance test on the market.

There are three levels of testing:

Lorisian 75 Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 75 food ingredients – 1690sek

Lorisian 100 Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to 100 food ingredients – 2290sek

Lorisian 150 plus Analyses your IgG antibody reactions to over 150 food ingredients – 3390sek

A summary of the foods tested within each test can be found below.

We offer a 10% discount on intolerance testing when booked as part of a nutritional package and interpretation of the results will be included in these consultations.

If interpretation of results and recommendations are required outside of a nutritional package/consultation, the 30 minute appointment in person or via telephone or Skype costs 700kr.