Instant Pot Challenge

Have you ever had to live without a kitchen? What was your plan of attack? For the coming weeks, we are undertaking a full kitchen refurbishment and our entire kitchen has been taken away with the exception of our fridge and freezer.

If I wanted to make life simple, I could go buy five microwave meals or order take out every night. However, I love real food too much, and like to know my children are getting as much nourishment as possible when eating at home. My solution is my Instant Pot!

If you haven’t yet encountered an Instant Pot, let me introduce you! An Instant Pot is a multi-function cooker that allows for “hands-free” cooking. Multi-cookers provide versatile cooking methods including pressure cooking, slow cooking, and sautéing, all in the one appliance.

For the coming weeks, I will cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, only using my multi-cooker… so what this space, and let’s see what I come up with!